College Ready

College Ready

The first step is to review what courses need to be taken to qualify for admission to a four-year University.  The second step is to take an SAT and/or ACT test.  Not sure which one to take?  We recommend that you take both because students often score better on one type of test over the other.  Here are some comparisons between the two tests:

When choosing a college, there are many factors to consider, such as, whether it offers the intended college major, location of the college, size of the college, size of the city where the college is located, cost of attendance, difficulty in being admitted… This is where the “College Visit” comes in– it helps in comparing each potential college.  Check the calendar for the yearly National College Fair that takes place in Portland.  Clark College also offers a Washington State College Fair yearly.

**It is important to get information directly from the college web site when applying to any college.

4 Year University Requirements

College Entrance Requirements - MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS for acceptance into a four year university.

The following are general guidelines of required courses for freshmen applicants planning to attend a Washington State public four-year college/university:

English– 4.0 credits:  At least 3 of which must be in composition and literature.

Mathematics– 3.0 credits:  This includes algebra, geometry, and algebra II or advanced algebra/trig.

*The senior year schedule must include a math course or a math-based science course.

Social Studies– 3.0 credits:  These 3 credits need to be in history or social studies.

Science– 2.0 credits:  This includes at least one full year in biology, chemistry, or physics. (WWU requires chemistry or physics).  It is strongly recommended that students planning to major in a science field complete at least 3 years of science.

World Language– 2.0 credits:  This must be in the same language.

Fine, Visual, or Performing Arts– 1.0 credit:  Please verify individual college/university admission requirements

**It is the responsibility of students to verify that their PHS classes meet the institution’s criteria for admission.


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