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College Entrance Requirements

The following are general guidelines of required courses for freshmen applicants planning to attend a Washington State public four-year college/university:

  • English– 4.0 credits:  At least 3 of which must be in composition and literature.
  • Mathematics– 3.0 credits:  This includes algebra, geometry, and algebra II or advanced algebra/trig.
    • *The senior year schedule must include a math course or a math-based science course.
  • Social Studies– 3.0 credits:  These 3 credits need to be in history or social studies.
  • Science– 2.0 credits:  This includes at least one full year in biology, chemistry, or physics. (WWU requires chemistry or physics).  It is strongly recommended that students planning to major in a science field complete at least 3 years of science.
  • World Language– 2.0 credits:  This must be in the same language.
  • Fine, Visual, or Performing Arts– 1.0 credit:  Please verify individual college/university admission requirements

**It is the responsibility of students to verify that their PHS classes meet the institution’s criteria for admission.


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