Counseling Center 

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The best way to contact counselors is through email. If phone contact is necessary, please call 360-885-5002.  Individual counselors are available according to the following:

Counselor Availability:

All counselors are available to see students before school, during Falcon Support and lunch, and after school.  During classes, Counselors are available for urgent situations.

The Guidance Counselors at Prairie are (by student’s Last Name):

Student Last Names: A-Far

Stacie Syverson, M.Ed.

     Student Last Names: Fas-Lim

Bonnie Roggenkamp, M.Ed.

     Student Last Names: Lin-Riz

Chris Linquist, M.Ed.

     Student Last Names: Roa-Z

Steve Rhodes, M.Ed.

     Career Counselor

Barb Kusik, BA, OIS

     Intervention Specialist  

Sharice Lee, MA