Parent Help

Parent Suggestions/Tips To Improve Students’ Academic Success


  • Monitor attendance, limit student absences.  If your student is absent, a note or a phone call to attendance must be made within three days to excuse your student      
  • A good limit is 5 absences per semester.  If a student is sick—they should stay home; however, if they are tired or not feeling well, they should attend


  • Make sure your child is keeping track of their school work (assignments, projects, tests…)  Examples may be a planner, notebooks divided by sections, or a calendar on their phone
  • Have a designated place at home where your student will keep their backpack and any other school items
  • With your student, check Skyward/Family Access to see if your student is missing assignments and how they are scoring on tests and projects.  If they are not scoring well on tests, for example, they may need to study more or use their STAT time to get help from their teacher, a tutor, or a fellow student    

The Study Session

  • Designate a time and place to study at home that is free from distractions
  • Location should have necessary materials, such as a table/desk with good lighting, pencils, pens, etc.
  • Expect that your student will have homework, monitor that they are working on it and have them explain it.  If you see that they are struggling, remind them to seek help from their teacher during class or STAT time


  • Establish a system of privileges/consequences to help students make good decisions regarding their school work
  • With your student,  set weekly goals – you may decide on privileges/consequences to help your student reach these goals
  • Follow through with stated privileges or consequences – if you take a privilege or item away, have a way for them to earn it back.  A good time frame would be one week

General Suggestions

  • Talk with your student about their goals, what that means, and how you can help
  • Make sure your child’s schedule allows for enough sleep  (8 hours per night)
  • Check to see that your student’s homework is completed before allowing access to video games, computer, and/or cell phone.  Technology can interfere with learning – be aware of how much time your child is spending using technology
  • Research shows that students that eat breakfast perform better in school      
Transitioning to High School Frequently Asked Questions         
The move from middle school to high school represents many changes that generate many questions. Here are a few frequently asked questions with answers that will help the parent and student prepare.